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A friend at work and I were talking recently. And the topic of her husband being a little clingy came up. We have talked about this before. Her husband is not a bad guy but just tends to be a little possessive at times. But the end of the conversation told me something about myself that I wasn’t aware of.

Friend- He told me that he doesn’t get much sleep because he is thinking about me.

Me- That is a little creepy. Sounds like he is stalking you. Or watching you while you sleep. Even if he means he was dreaming about your that is weird.

Friend- I know. Do you dream about your husband all the time though?

Me- No… (me thinking) I mostly dream about zombies.

Friend- That is a little weird too.

Me- Yeah, I am not sure what that says about me.

To clarify I have been watching a lot of The Walking Dead. In fact I have binge watched the entire series so I think zombie dreams are normal, right? RIGHT!?