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So here we are in January of 2015. And I have no doubt that there are millions of people out there working on their New Year’s Resolutions. Good for you! I am sure that gym memberships are on the rise. The sales of smoking cessation products have increased as well. More power to you. I think that these are great goals and if you are one of the people who have made one of these resolutions, I wish you great luck.

In the past I have made resolutions. I have been somewhat successful and I have been a miserable failure. I have vowed to lose weight. I have promised to drink more water. Well, I am still a fat girl and I still drink more caffeine than I care to admit at times. This year, I decided that I was not going to make any resolutions. Take that New Year!

Sure, I am trying to drink more water. As always, I am wanting to read more. But I am looking at these things as more of a goal than a resolution. I have set my reading goal on http://www.goodreads.com so that is still going to happen. I may fail some days or I may do great. But I am not going to beat myself up.

This year I am focusing on being more positive and trying to give back to the community/world/universe whatever. This year I am trying to be more in the moment. No worrying about what has happened or will happen, but on what is at hand. There are endless things to worry about. “What if?” can be a great game at times but it can lead you down a dark rabbit hole also. One thing that I have learned, the older that I get, is that change is inevitable. And even when things do change, we always somehow, someway adapt.

I bought myself a beautiful bracelet to help me focus on doing good (www.100gooddeeds.org) I have tried to check myself when complaining creeps in. The slight case of road rage that I have previously mentioned… Well that is a work in progress. I think that what I am attempting to do, is rather than change myself is be a better version of myself.

Wow! That sounds preachy or hipster or something like that. Not my intention, I promise. I think that what I am finally understanding is that a resolution for me, if something that goes to the wayside within a couple of weeks. But optimism, well that just a perspective.

So Happy New Year to you all. I wish you success in your resolutions, goals or perspectives. And thanks for reading my ramblings. It means much more than you realize, to me.