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I love the mail. I have loved the mail since I was a kid. I remember making silly construction paper mail boxes to hang on my bedroom door, for my mom to put my mail in. Because you know just how much mail kids get.

I admit that one of the highlights of my day is seeing what we have gotten in the mail. It is true, that as an adult, I get more bills than other mail but it is still an adventure. We have a P.O. Box and I think part of the reason why we continue to keep it, is because somewhere in my sad little brain I think of it as an adventure to go get the mail.

I remember as a child writing away for free stickers or information packets. One year I wrote to every Major League Baseball team to request a schedule. I wish that I could explain why I did this, but I can’t really. Well, other than I love baseball and I love getting mail. I mean at the time that was 30 potential pieces of mail that came to me.

I had multiple pen pals from other countries. I wrote letters to my cousins. All for the love of the correspondence. I am a little sad that this era is gone. I do love the ease of a text message, but it does not have the specialness of getting a hand written letter in the mail. It was knowing that the person sending you this treat had taken the time to sit and write to you. They spent a small part of their day thinking about you.

I realized the other day, while at my P.O. Box, that one of my favorite parts of the Holiday season was sending and receiving Christmas Cards. I liked that those people took a little time to actually send you a card. Now, most people order their photo cards from Costco, our house included. But, it is still that investment of time. I made an attempt to take a second to send a happy thought to every person/family that we sent Christmas cards out to this year. (Those of you that read my blog, hope you felt it!)

It saddens me that Christmas Cards are a dying art. (I think that greeting card industry as a whole is a dying art.) I have noticed over the last few years that regular boxed cards are not as plentiful. The full aisle of cards that used to exist every year at Target is not a partial aisle shared with endless gift bags.

There is a part of me that wants to start a trend to bring back Christmas cards or we could even call it Holiday correspondence. (#BringBackChristmasCards , anyone?) I will take that Costco photo card any day, because it means that my friends took that time out for me. Plus seeing all those pictures is pretty nice.

Now, I am not going to give up my technology, but I might make a little more effort to send a note to friends this year. And you definitely won’t see me giving up the Christmas cards.

So, I hope that your Holiday season is cruising along slowly. And I hope that your mailbox is filled with Christmas cards.