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Yesterday, Oprah released her favorite things for 2014. My deskmate, Jodi, and I clicked through the list of 72 items discussing them here and there (all while working of course.) So, here I sit a day later still thinking about Oprah’s favorite things. I realize that this may be blasphemous to some to speak ill of Oprah, but GIVE ME A BREAK!

The items in Oprah’s favorite things list are a list of self-promoting, overpriced things that most of us cannot afford and do not truly need (Rustic Sourdough bread for $150??? REALLY!?!) Sure, some of them would be nice but seriously, there was maybe one item on her list that I would consider purchasing. And I highly doubt that O paid for these lovely trinkets, instead received the items as “gifts.” It is brilliant marketing- Send your product to Oprah, if she likes it and shares that info, you then have an instant hit.

What I got to thinking about was, what would be on my list of favorite things? Not that anyone really cares, but if people stop their day to find out what Oprah loves this year, then why can’t I write in my blog about my own favs?

Sorry kids, no one gets free items or even a discount for reading my list but here it goes:

Toms Slip-on Shoes http://www.toms.com
$48 +
Toms are not the best at supporting your feet, and I don’t recommend them for a day of standing and/or full city sightseeing but I love these shoes. I love what the company stands for, and the versatility of the differing styles. I just wish that Toms had been around when I got married because there would be no question that would have been my first choice in wedding shoes.

Cuisipro Cupcake Corer
$5 (I found mine on Amazon.com)
Yes, I realize that everyone is not an obsessive cupcake maker like myself, but this little tool is the best $5 I have ever spent in my life. It makes filling cupcakes ridiculously easy.

Starbuck’s Caramel Brulee Latte http://www.starbucks.com
Prices vary based on size.
This is my favorite Holiday treat. The red cups show up and I know that I have a couple of months worth of happiness. I love you CBL!

It’s A 10 Leave in Treatment http://www.itsa10haircare.com/conditioner-products/
I like the Lite version of this product because I have fine hair, but this is a great product to tame my sometimes wild hair. We all need a little more conditioning from time to time.

Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Coffee Mug http://www.kleankanteen.com
This is the best travel coffee mug that I own. I can leave my house at 6:30 coffee and it is still warm 5 hours later. Ed has used it with a cold beverage and still had ice several hours later as well. I love the Klean Kanteen brand. I love their stance on green products. And full disclosure, the company is based in my little city.

So that is a taste of some of my favorite things. I am not Oprah, but enjoy! Sure there are not any trios of T-shirts for $214 but realistic everyday things that make my life a little happier. Hope that you are all enjoying some of your favorite things & people! And maybe some of my favs will become your favs!