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With school being back in, I will sit with Niece #1 and #3 on Mondays, doing their homework. Niece #1 no longer needs my help, but Niece #3 does. And I think that she likes having someone help her.

This past week, we were working on her English homework. The assignment was out of a book that was at least 20 years old, or so it appeared (Way to Go California Public Education System!) On the cover of the book, there was a photo of a cassette tape.

Me- My goodness! This book is so old. I bet that you don’t even know what that picture is.

#3- Yes I do!

Me- What is it?

#3- It is a record!

Me- (Shaking my head…) No it isn’t. It is a cassette tape!

#3- Same thing.

And at that point, I am reminded that I am truly old.