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I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I think that many people feel that way. I love keeping up with my friends when they post a real status update. I love seeing pictures of them, their kids, their dogs. But I also hate the ads, the endless memes, the Buzzfeed quiz results (I love the Buzzfeed quizzes, don’t get me wrong. Those are awesome!). But I think that I have a bit of Facebook burnout.

I joined Facebook several years back. When your wall was still your wall, and you had different components. Were people could send you those buttons to display on your board, and when people still poked each other. It was fun, and obscure and a little novel. [Side note- Just yesterday I actually got an alert that a distant friend had poked me. I didn’t know that was still a thing.]

Now, I will tell you that planning my 20 year class reunion with FB was great. We reached more people, there was communication and a lot less playing detective trying to find classmates that had changed their e-mail. So for that FB, I cannot thank you enough.

My disenchantment with FB began last year when I was doing GISHWHES. I have over 500 “friends” on FB and I put out requests, pleas and really downright begging for help with various tasks. Let me tell ya, that the responses were less than stellar. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that this made me a little mad.

Now, I have had a little resurgence of love for FB with my new online book club. I love the ladies that have been participating and fellow book readers are always awesome.

Facebook is kind of the norm these days. There will be new social media sites on the horizon. I may check some of them out. And I still scroll through FB pretty much everyday. I will share my blog posts and my latest cupcake creations. I will play a couple of games (while trying to respect my friends desire to not get game requests.) But I have learned to live outside of Facebook again. And the real world is kind of awesome!

Now, we won’t go near my secret love affair with Twitter right now… And Pinterest, you time suck, I love you…