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My favorite recent hashtag on Twitter is #SocialWorkerProblems. I have been using it to share the brief randomness of my job at times.

Confidentiality is a huge thing in Social Work. You can’t often explain things that happen to people in the outside world. To my co-workers in the office, sure. They understand and can even commiserate with me.

But there are times when something so weird or random happens that my new favorite hashtag just makes it all seem a little better. I have had “likes” from random people in Twitterland, that can understand where I am coming from. I have even searched that particular hashtag to see what other people have said. And liked a couple of those tweets too. Because fellow Social Workers, I get it.

For example one of my recent tweets was:
Got attacked by a large turtle today at a home visit. That’s a first. #SocialWorkerProblems

But that was just an easy way to sort out some of the weird stuff that happens when your job is to do home visits. And somehow, it makes it a little better.

To answer your questions. No I was not bitten. The turtle just lunged because it apparently doesn’t like shoes. Who knew?

So I say thanks Twitter so helping me get through my day-to-day life. And maybe someday, my favorite hashtag can even be trending.

TA-DA! (And watch out for turtles, they may be cute but cannot be trusted.)