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I wrote a pretty long blog post last year about my experience with GISHWHES. In case you were not reading my misadventures then, you can go back and catch up. Or you can visit the GISHWHES website for more info- http://www.gishwhes.com (I hope the hyperlink works, my blog host was being a tad bit wonky.)

A quick reminder, GISHWHES is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It is an insane 1 week deviation from normalcy. A chance to step outside your comfort zone and be creative. Or even give back. It was one of the most crazy things that I have ever done and I can tell you in complete honesty that I loved it

Well, GISHWHES 2014 is coming up. August 2-9, and I CAN’T WAIT!!

I am excited that I have a little experience in the hunt this year. That doesn’t mean that anything will be more familiar but I have confidence that I can do it! I am not afraid to get dirty, to make a video, to pose for pictures, to talk to strangers. This year we have also tried to recruit a larger more local team. Not that we didn’t love our mashed up team members from last year, but having a group that is more compatible and closer together will make communication easier. Not to mention, that this year I took some time off work. Sleep be damned!

I have been having GISHWHES dreams. I find myself imagining what the tasks could possibly be. Asking myself if I should be saving things “just in case” we needed it. Maybe being a hoarder would be a good thing right now…

So if you are looking for something a little crazy to do, consider becoming a Gisher. And there is always room left on our team. Team WaterMelophants would love to have you!

Look for the recap. I am sure it will be anything but normal!