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Happy Mother’s Day to all you import women out there. I hope all you moms, grandmas, aunts, dog [or cat] moms are being celebrated today!

Today is a special day to me, for another reason. Today is Niece #3’s birthday. Yes, she was born on Mother’s Day, 11 short years ago. Well, it certainly seems like it has flown by, at least.

#3 is a unique creature. She is the perfect balance of duality. She is hilarious, sweet, and caring but she is also stubborn, short-tempered and infuriating. In short, she is the mini female incarnation of my brother. Like her dad, she is little miss social. She knows everyone. Also like her dad, she can lose it pretty quickly. There is definitely something to be said for genetics.

One of the things that I admire most about Niece #3 is that she has an incredible sense of self. She has more self-confidence that most people. This is something that I hope she holds on to for the rest of her life. She loves colorful clothing. She loves sparkles. She wore her shoes on the wrong feet until she was close to 5 and did not care. She still sucks her thumb and her take on it is, it is no ones problem but hers. I wish that I was as confident as she is.

She is also so incredibly funny. She has perfect comic timing and has since she was little. Not many children understand the concept of sarcasm at age 4. but she did. I can always count on a quip from her that will make me laugh.

She is not her sister. And she doesn’t have the aspirations to be her sister. I never worry that she will live in that shadow [ and wisely because that is a big shadow!] She is her own person.

I won’t say that we do not butt heads sometimes. There have been more than a few Monday homework sessions that have ended with her in a time out on the stairs crying. But I know that she will calm down and bounce back to that amazing little creature that I love.

So #3. Today I wish you the Happiest of Birthdays. I wish you a lifetime of love, happiness. I can’t wait to watch you take on the world in your own special way. You will definitely be the one to “kick butt and take names.” Thanks you for the laughs, for all the cupcake critiques, for all the help that you are always will to give. I love you little blond girl! Never change.