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From time to time, there are things that remind me that I am getting older. I am not talking about the silver hairs (no sir, they are not gray…) that my hair dresser oh so brilliantly covers. I am talking about my need for manners, courtesy and rules.

A few months back, I was at the car dealership getting some simple repairs done on my car. If you have ever had to endure this process, the waiting area at the dealership is a strange place. You are stuck in a room with other irritated people, bad coffee and a TV that has a “mutually” agreed upon show on. I prepare myself with a stack of magazines from home (because they are current), earphones and a podcast or something. I try to keep to myself and not bother anyone else. An hour into this endeavor, a gentleman sitting near me made a call on his cell phone. This gentleman was somewhere between 55-60. He proceeded to a louder than normal tone to continue his call in the middle of the six other people in the room. Now, I had my earphones on, but this to me was downright rude. No one cares about your business trip, or Aunt Mildred’s hernia.

That situation got me thinking about the need for more courtesy in this world. I realized a few years back that I have understood the need for rules more so as I have gotten older. There are rules to driving, so that we all get to our destination safely. Turn signals come standard on all cars, people! Use them! Those type things. I am constantly telling my elderly clients, who no longer drive, that they are lucky. Merely because of all the idiots out there.

I am now someone who finds the TV at times too loud. *SIGH* Damn, whippersnappers!

The overuse of profanity in public is unnecessary! I do want to clarify my take on this matter. Some of my friends reading this, as well as my husband, will say “WTH, Jenn! You are NOT one to talk! You have the mouth of a sailor” And they are not wrong. I do have a colorful vocabulary most of the time. The difference is, I choose my audience. I don’t cuss in front of my nieces. It is not that they have not heard this kind of language, they go to public school and all. But they don’t need to be inundated with it. On the rare occasions that I do curse in their presence, it is generally in the car, and one of the aforementioned idiot drivers has done something to warrant this language. And as per the rules of the car, they are each paid a quarter. I don’t curse in front of my clients, grandmother or loudly in public. There is no need for it there. In front of my work friends, at home and at the dogs is another story. My concern is that there are so many people in the whole today that see no problem with an F bomb in front of children or at the grocery store (or both). Time and place, is all I am saying!

Speaking of the grocery store, or any other public space for that matter. Be aware of what is going on around you. The grocery store that I shop in is known for low prices. Thus it has a high volume of shoppers. But seriously, the grocery aisle is like a road, you can’t drive down the center. And definitely, don’t stop in the middle of aisle to talk or whatever! (I am talking to you Costco shoppers)

Wow! I feel a little better. I guess I needed this old person rant. I think what I am seeing in my observation, is that we as a society have become self-absorbed. We are not aware of anything outside our little realm. And I am just as guilty of it at times. *NO ONE IS SAFE!*

I think what I am noticing as I get older, is that it is important to be kind to others. This means reading signs (one way means there is only ONE WAY!), being aware, picking up trash, not talking so loudly in restaurants that the people around you can’t have a normal conversation, holding open a door for someone, acknowledging a gift that is given to you, saying thank you. Simple things that could make a difference to those around you.

So on a closing, I think that it is a good place to quote a very wise woman- Ellen DeGeneres
“Be kind to one another.”
And be aware that there are others out there to be kind to.

Now GET OFF MY LAWN! Shaking fist