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I love music! I have always loved music. I am a decent singer. I had some “fame” singing in church while growing up and in a couple musical theater productions as a kid. I can still rock karaoke (after a few drinks) and my car concerts are phenomenal (and always sold out.) I could never sing professionally nor is that an aspiration of mine. These days I am just a listener of music.

I know a fair amount about music. I am not on the cusp of all the latest bands nor am I up on all the Top 40 charts. I just don’t listen to too much pop except when my nieces are in the car. But I am pretty good at music trivia, at least better than most of my friends.

What I mainly listen to is alternative music (or as some of my friends have said “Hipster” music, whatever that means.) I love, love Muse. Matthew Bellamy is a musical genius in my book. I like the Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys, MGMT, Phoenix, Iron and Wine, that sort of thing.

Now, that is my preference. But I have eclectic tastes. You give me a great Broadway musical and I am a happy girl. Wicked or Rent! Sigh of happiness. (I do know about Popular. And Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes means something to me).

I have gone through brief phases of music in my past. I listened to early rap(maybe closer to hip-hip) in high school. I still LOVE Run DMC’s “Raising Hell” and Beastie Boys “Licensed to Ill ” albums. And there was the brief kind of forgotten country music phase of the early 90’s. C’mon didn’t everyone love a little country back then? Garth Brooks, anyone? And then there were the clubbing techno years. Mid-90’s techno! WOO HOO! (I am purposely skipping the hair band phase. But I will say that the Poison/Warrant concert for my 18th birthday was awesome. I love ya, KC!)

You get my point. So, I was listening to the music on my iPhone recently on shuffle (for me, it is always shuffle) and I realized that I have some guilty pleasures music on this baby!

So here is my confession. I secretly love 1970’s AM Gold type music. I currently have songs on my iPhone by the Carpenters, Captain & Tennille and the Little River Band. I am confident enough to admit this. I love ABBA! I will secretly stop on the 70’s channel on my satellite radio when one of those songs are on and unabashedly sing. Horse with No Name or Wildfire or Angie, Baby is on and I am listening to it. I realize that the reason for this secret love, is due to what my mom listened to when I was growing up. But there is something to say for nostalgia. Plus they just make a good story song anymore. Ed, can attest that I would stop and watch the old K-Tel CD collections infomercials when the 70’s Gold one was on. And I actually contemplated buying it on a couple of occasions.

I feel much better now that I have confessed this. Now I wonder, does this make me a freak? Do I lose my psuedo-hipster status? And I realize that I don’t care. We all have our skeletons and this is one of mine.

So now, go listen to your guilty pleasure music. I command you!
And remember:

“Hurry, don’t be late, I can hardly wait
I said to myself when we’re old
We’ll go dancing in the dark
Walking through the park and reminiscing”
(Reminiscing-Little River Band)