I am gearing up this weekend to make several dozen cupcakes for a bake sale benefitting my niece’s artistic skating club. I am not worried about it, they are all flavors that I have made before. Nothing too fancy or complicated.

Niece #3 is happy that she gets her favorite Lemon Cupcake. She is a funny creature. I see her working in the food industry someday (you know, famous chef or something.) She has an interesting palette and will try most foods; A little different than most 10-year-olds. She likes the more interesting cupcake flavors and she gives honest feedback and has some good suggestions at times. She makes me happy & proud!

I was making my cupcake shopping list this morning and I was reminded of a conversation that she and I had a while back.

(Set up- She had gone to a friend’s birthday party over the prior weekend.)

Me- How was the birthday party?

#3- Good.

Me- Did you have lunch there or any dessert?

#3- Yeah, we had cupcakes.

Me- How were they?

#3- They were just okay. They were store-bought. It was like they weren’t even trying.

I have created a monster. Or perhaps the world’s first 10-year-old food critic.