This past week has been a strange, surreal lesson in getting older. I blame the time change.

I do not recall the time change having this kind of effect on me when I was younger. So you sleep a little more on the weekend and all is well. Not so much anymore. I feel like the universe has shifted and I have to catch up to feel normal. Does this happen to other people? It was one lost hour… I firmly believe that it is something that has changed with age. Remember being a kid where time and temperature had not negative effect on you?

I have literally wanted to come home from work all week and go to bed. I have a good 4-6 hours of time to get stuff done, catch up on the DVR, what have you. Nope, PJ’s and my bed have been the only things that has sounded appealing. This is not an option of course, but the desire was there.

So, here we are a week in, I slept in waaayyy too late on this beautiful Saturday morning, and I am hoping that the worst is over. There are things to do, people to see, blogs to write, cupcakes to make, DVR shows to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sleep. I am not one of those “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” kind of people. But I don’t like the feeling of being off all the time.

So I am off to find some caffeine and get this day going. Hope that your time change transition has been better than mine.

[I realize that this is not a terribly interesting post but the time change has been driving me crazy and I am venting in a way]