Before bed the other night, I turned on the TV and started watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The 1971 version with Gene Wilder. [In all honesty, I liked the Tim Burton version too. Just sayin…]. Neither Ed, not I were really watching the movie too intently. I mean seriously, we have probably seen it a million times before.

The scene where Charlie comes home after finding the last golden ticket [spoiler alert], comes on. Grandpa Joe is getting out of bed to say that he is going to go with Charlie.

Me- As a Social Worker, this scene really bothers me. If they had all been in bed for 20 years, there would be so many things wrong. They would likely have bed sores. How are they bathing? At least they show a bed pan in the scene. So that solves one problem.

Ed- Okay?

Me- Not to mention, he is trying to stand up to walk? His muscles would be so atrophied. There is no way that he would be able to just get out of bed. No less walk.

Ed- And the fact that there are four people in that bed doesn’t bother you?

Me- Oh yeah… That is a problem too.

It is all in the perspective, I guess?