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This will be a short blog because I am writing at work and I really have a lot that I should be working on…

Our wireless router committed suicide this weekend. May it RIP. The fact is, hardware never lasts forever. I can accept this, and a replacement is on its way. What I realized was that we are so incredibly reliant on the internet in our house. It does not control our A/C or lights or anything, but many items of our entertainment are controlled by that one silly wireless router.

And, with the ongoing theme from my last post, there are things that have changed in the world. Ten years ago, maybe even less, not having internet access would have been a minor inconvenience but not the ordeal that it is now. Ed has no e-mail access, we cannot access either our desk top nor lap top, no streaming movies etc.

And then in my whining, I think- First World Problems! And I quietly shut up and pick up an actual book and use an actual pen. And move on. Not that I want to try the whole homesteading thing, but maybe a little 20th century is not such a bad thing.

Hope that your week is starting out well. And may you have access to your e-mail without problem.

Cheers! And TA-DA!