Today is my 41st birthday. I have officially survived the first year of my Forties! And to tell you the truth, it was not too bad. I think that I can do this.

I think what I enjoyed most was the response people gave me when they asked how old I was. “You don’t look 40.” That was common. And you may be thinking “How often does that question come up?” Well, remember that I work with the elderly, and anyone who had ever had an older family member can tell you that sometimes there is no filter.

I am normally not a big fan of my birthday. It is right after the holidays and people are DONE! It kind of sneaks up on you and I tend to be forgotten. So that is always fun. I never had a birthday in school, because we were always on Christmas break. I know how you feel summer birthday people!

Growing up birthdays were interesting because my fabulous cousin, Andi, is a day older than me. So when the family did do something [closer to Christmas than our actual birthdays] it was like a twin birthday. I love her dearly and we are the best of friends now, but growing up, we were very different. The fun tidbit about Andi is, she was early and I was several weeks late, and she ended up being older by about 23 hours!

The other fun aspect of having a birthday two days after the New Year is that you are already reflecting on the year that has past and what you did or did not accomplish. So throw a pile of “One Year Older” to that and you have my birthday… Trust me, there have been many birthdays filled with tears.

Well, this year I can tell you that so far so good. I have slept in. I getting pedicures with my nieces. My husband actually made plans on his own for me. Facebook sure does add to the birthday love too. It is looking to be a good day.

So, I wish the rest of you a Merry Unbirthday. But feel free to do a little celebrating in my honor.

Cheers! And TA DA!