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The two other Social Worker’s that have the same job function as I do are both boys (I use that in reference to most things male, please do not take offense!) And I count them as both close friends of mine. So you can imagine that many of our conversations revolve around sports.

I am not a 24/7 ESPN watching kind of girl. But I can hold my own. I love baseball, football and hockey. I can be involved in most conversations without too much embarrassment and I play Fantasy Football. I have not ever taken the whole thing in my league but I have come in a respectable second and third the past couple years.

This is a common topic of conversation in our aisle at work. I once said that the hardest thing for me is the beginning of the season when I have to choose a team name. I will literally stare at the computer screen for hours trying to figure out something witty, humorous and proving that I can hang with the guys. This began a list. One that is better than potential rock band names it is the Potential Fantasy Football Team Names.

Many of the names come from funny conversations, or strange things that our clients say to us at a home visit. Truthfully, I can’t remember the origin of some of them. But they all have some meaning, and they have all made me laugh at least once.

Some of my favorites from the list are:
Chronical Back Pain
Chulupa Batman
Monkey Bar Blister
Walker on Loan

They are not football related but not everything can go back to an Aaron Hernandez joke.

So as I continue ranking my potential players for my leagues drafts. I leave you to think about your team name. And wish you a great Fantasy Football season. As for my league, I can tell you that I think that Ed Hochuli’s Biceps is going to take it all!