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Work today started off pretty much like every other day. We all straggled in, caught up from the 13 hour or so gap of not seeing each other, Kara & I ate doughnuts (Wait! We don’t that every day!!) and off we went. And then one conversation happened that set the theme of the day.

My co-worker B (I will forgo using his name to protect the “innocent.”), the infamous Kara and I were talking. To give a little background, B & I do the same job function, where we are intake Social Workers meaning that we get new cases started. He has a reputation of denying more cases than I do.

B.- I saw a client yesterday that you had previously denied. Either you were being a hard ass or I am a softie because this girl definitely needed services.

Kara- You are just a softie.

B.- (grinning) Don’t let that get around, people might get the wrong impression.

Several minutes later Kara was telling me about how her husband was watching some realty TV show and the contestant was moaning (in pain) when she and her young daughter came home.

Kara- All I could hear was this moaning, so I yelled “We’re home now. I am not sure what you are watching is appropriate.”

Still later, 2 other co-workers C. & L. were over making lunch plans, when C. knocked a piece of Kara’s cubicle wall off. As he struggled with trying to snap the piece back in, I looked over and said (with little thought), “Just shove it in any hole.” And then realizing what I said, and the people I was around, I promptly turned red and turned around. I am not sure in what order.

And that was just the beginning. It was all down hill from there.
As a person with the recurring sense of humor of a 12 year-old boy, I love the double entendre. And I love my co-workers.