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I have a wonderful, fabulous friend that has recently given me the advice:
“Always choose joy!”

In truth, I have heard her say these words before but they take on a great new meaning to me as of late. Especially after the week I had last week.

Day to day living can leave a person negative, bitter, jaded and without hope. Ugh, that thought right there is no fun at all.

I look around my office some days and look at some of the people in other divisions of our dept. They outwardly look absolutely miserable. What a horrible way to live every day! I understand that working in Social Services can be draining, and I have met many people who have become jaded over the years. I get it, I really do. Those people are enough to make me find joy in a normal day.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not always Pollyanna. But sometimes you have to find the good in a bad situation.

I will tell you that the thing I love most about my job is the myriad of people who I am lucky enough to I get to me. I do not like all of them, but I am lucky to get to meet them. There are some amazing people in this world. They all have something to bring them to the table and they all have stories to tell. A great many of these people have every reason to be miserable (and trust me some are.) But the majority of them choose to find joy. And this is enough to keep me going.

So with that, my small (but hopefully growing) group of followers, I am curious what are some words of wisdom that you have been given recently? Leave a comment, please! I would love to hear it.

And my beautiful, fabu friend, the other “Nene,” I love ya lady! You are the best.

My deskmate, Kara left another compliment on her white board this week:
“If you were the last person on Earth, zombies wouldn’t attack you purely out of respect.”

Which sounds nice and all, but I have seen Walking Dead and we all know that is a load of crap. We all know that zombies don’t care, they really want brains….. HEY! Wait a minute…..