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Last night, we were sitting on the couch watching TV. My little Dachshund, Oscar, was sitting on my lap. A little background on Osc, he is properly named. Mainly because he is a grouch. Basically, he should live in a garbage can, on a street in New York, with a big yellow bird. I love this dog, but because he does not play well with others, he does not get to go many places.

Petting Oscar.
Me- Sorry you cannot go with us, but you are not very nice. If you were a nicer dog, I would take you everywhere with me.

Ed- Would you now?

Me- Yes, he would be one of those purse dogs.

Ed- Okay….

Me- So really his being anti-social saves me from being one of those purse dog people.

Ed- That is one way to look at it.

There ya go people! Proof that there is always a positive spin on things!