One of my friends recently posted on Facebook “I’m old. Now what?”

The only response that I had was- Seriously?

In the course of my job I have met people who are old. They eldest of them was 105. So to me, that is old. But early 40’s… Good gravy! The fun is just beginning.

I have to wonder where we got it in our head that we are old? (That would be the Royal We) I am finally feeling like I can do things that I would have never done in my 20’s or 30’s because I no longer give a shit (or as much of one.) I am accepting me for me. That does not mean that I am not still insecure at time or loathe my hair at times but I am comfortable in my own skin. Is that what old people do?

I have finally learned that it is okay to be scared at times. And that I have been through bad things at times in my life. So maybe a little fear is good. If you fail then the fear was justified. If you succeed, well take that fear!!

We may be older but we are also wiser. We have learned from past choices and become the better people that we are today. (Wow! that Royal we is busy today. Must be celebrating the new prince)

So my response to “Now what?” is simply- Whatever the hell you want!
(Disclaimer- this does not mean that I will be bailing you out of jail, if whatever you want is illegal. But I wish you more power in not getting caught.)