Let me set this up for ya….
Niece #3 wanted to play tennis. So she and I were hitting some balls a week or so ago.

Later, Ed & I were driving home.

Me: I think that I am going to get Niece #3 a junior racquet. I think that I will take the girls to look at Dick’s.

Ed: You are going to take them to look at dicks? I am not sure that your brother will be happy about that.

Me: Yay, that did not sound great when I was saying it.

Oh yeah, Dick’s Sporting Goods opened here last week.

Still later….

Ed: Did you guys have fun?

Me: Yes. I forgot how much I like playing tennis. Niece #3 was excited to open the new can of balls. They still have the metal lid inside.

Ed: Did you smell them?

Me: Yes, I love the smell of new balls.

Ed: First you are taking the girls to look at dicks, now you are smelling balls…

Me: Touche.

Sometimes I have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy. And I love my husband, because so does he!
But seriously folks, did no one think about the name of that store?