Ed and I recently went to a screening of a collection of short films by a local film maker. Ed’s [our] friend Critter was going, it sounded fun, why the hell not? So, we got there a little early and were standing in line at this cool old indy film house in town. Critter was on his way. All was good in the world, when a girl in line in front of us asked what connection we had to the films. She simply stated that she knew most everyone else in the line and they were connected to the films or friends of those people etc. It was not a big deal, she was just curious.

That comment struck me. I looked around and realized that here we were in line where we were in the older demographic there. And I out-loud made that observation to Ed. We were surrounded by all these hipster kids. [In my head anyone under 27 to me is basically the equivalent of 12]. Nonetheless, it was entertaining and we had a nice day. But I kept thinking about being the odd man out in at situation.

Less than a week later, I get a text from my work buddy wanting to know if I had any music by a certain band. I did and I brought him the CD to burn. He then made the comment that he knew I would have the music because it was so hipster.

There that is again. But this time I am the one who is being looked at as the hipster.

I spent a lot of time thinking about these two situations and people’s perceptions. I don’t know that I have ever thought of myself of being a member of any particular group. But here I know find myself falling somewhere between hipster and elderly. What does that make me? I am apparently in limbo. I am young enough to be cool but old enough to know better. No wonder people have break-downs at mid-life. You no longer have an identity.

So why do we need a title? At times, I am a little bit of a geek. Other times I laugh like a ridiculous 12-year-old boy at my sister making a joke about sharting (Don’t judge people, it was hilarious). But I also often think that my husband has the TV on too loud. So I have come to the conclusion that I am the 40-year-old Nothing. And I am perfectly okay with that.

So here are the new rules:
Who cares what group you do, or don’t belong to? We are all a little bit of a hipster at times and we are all a bit of an old soul.
Laugh at the dumb jokes.
Sing out loud in your car. ( I personally give AMAZING car concerts.)
Watch bad movies & love them! Sharknado, anyone?
Be stupid. Be childlike. Be ridiculous. Be happy.
Because isn’t happiness what we are all going for anyway.

I leave you with that. Go out into the world and take it on! 40-year-old Nothings unite!

Did you all check out the GISHWHES website? Registration has begun and it is only open for a limited time. I know that you are tempted!

And that is all for now! TA-DA!!

And for my sister, Libby- Peacocks!!