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Thank you so much, guys! I am feeling loved and blessed and warm and fuzzy. The support and outpouring after my debut was absolutely incredible so thank you. {Cue Sally Field: You like me! You really, really like me!}

I think that when one starts a new blog, it is somewhat natural to think about topics you want to write about. And I have been. A lot! Which for me can potentially be dangerous. For those that know me a little better than others, they already know that I have some OCD tendencies. I do not have the full-fledged wash my hands 75 times or check the door lock kind of OCD. I have what is related to symmetry and arranging. The funny thing about OCD is that it is not an exact science for everyone with it. My house is not spotlessly clean, but when it gets a little past my comfort zone, I will stress and obsess about getting it straightened up. Most of my issues are in organization and lists. I LOVE lists! I think that I love marking things off my lists. So in a nutshell, I cause myself more stress than any thing else in the world. It is very difficult to live at times when your brain does not accept spontaneity. Vacation planning is super fun at my house! Ask Ed, it is just a freakin’ laugh a minute.

Please don’t think that I am down playing the seriousness of having this or any mental health disorder.
What I am saying is everyone has their issues! I find that for me, half of the battle is knowing me and accepting it. Some things are out of our control.
Let your freak flag fly, people!


On another note, Ed and I celebrated our Unanniversary this weekend. This is what we call our dating anniversary. It has been 14 years. And I am a very lucky girl. We have had our ups and downs, which is normal in relationships. But the ups definitely outnumber the downs. So thanks Bub! You are the best thing in my life and I am so glad to have won the campaign!

Okay guys! Just wanted to say thanks again. Have a fantastic week!