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Hello friends & strangers who think enough of me to read this. This is my debut blog post. So thank you in advance for stopping by.

A little about me: I am Jenn. Really, I am a regular girl (I have still not come to the terms with being called a woman). So here are a few key points.

  • I live in a small city in Northern CA. This can be debated but I am going with small city (other acceptable answers would be College Town.)
  • I am married. He has been fully warned that I am writing a blog, and has accepted the fall out from this endeavor. He is a keeper.
  • I am a Social Worker by career. Which in and of itself has some interesting tales. I doubt that I can share them all with you due to confidentiality but trust me things are never dull.
  • I do not have children. So this is not a mommy blog. Don’t get me wrong, mommy blogs are great. But I am not a mommy and therefore this is not such a blog.
  • I do however have dogs. Two of them: Dachshunds. A miniature- Oscar and a standard -Otty. You will undoubtedly hear lots about them.
  • I am the World’s Greatest Aunt. This is not a self proclamation, it is a pure & simple fact. But seriously, if you don’t believe me ask my nieces and nephews, they will tell you.

Things that may be discussed in this blog: Ed (the husband), cupcakes, dachshunds, randomness, nieces, nephews, hockey, books, my OCD. This is a limited list which can will be revised at any given time. Without warning. You have been warned.

Here are a few rules for my blog:

  1.  It is my blog. Basically, this means that these are my thoughts, observations, opinions etc. I am not asking you to always agree, or ever agree. That is your call to make. If you never agree, then I am not sure why you are reading my blog, but again thanks.
  2.  On that note. I ask for no judgement. I honestly, try to live my life this way. I, in no way, claim perfection. I have found that in my job as in life, everyone has something to bring to the table. I can tell you that I am not always free from judging but I do try.

On that note I do welcome your comments.

Reasons for my blog
I turned 40 in January. And I must say that I think that I handled it pretty well. [This is mainly because I made my husband take me to Disneyland and threatened him with divorce if this did not occur] Yes, yes, I know 40 is the new 20. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. If you want to be technical 40 is still middle age. I do not feel middle-aged but those are the statistics people. So with this milestone, if you will, I have started looking at things a little differently. Life is meant to be lived (livened? liver? That does not sound quite right). There is no reason why I can’t take a cooking class here and there or sit around watching Doctor Who all day on a Sunday, if I want. Things like that. Well, my dream is to be a writer. And I have read the posts of other people out there who also want to be a writer, there are just a few of them. So I am not holding my breath to be the next Stephenie Meyer (Remember, No judgement!) But by writing a blog, I have a start. Hey and there is always a chance that I could be the next Jenny Lawson (I love you, Jenny Lawson. If you are not reading her blog www.thebloggess.com , go there immediately after you finish here. It is worth it, I promise). Stranger things have happened.

I do have a couple of people to thank for their support and encouragement. Putting yourself out there is scary, and we all need a cheer squad from time to time. Here are a few members of mine. Ed– You are amazing! And I love you for it!. Gina– Because you are my “#1 fan”, right back at you. Niece #1– thank you for being excited about me writing a blog and helping me figure out a name. Jenny Lawson– I wish I were as funny as you. Alas… But thanks for giving me some confidence to do this. I am a proud member of your tribe. And you will probably never read this because we are not friends in real life, but thanks through the interweb to you anyhow.

So that is it for now. A little about me and why I am here. I hope that you come back.
TA-DA! {Golf Clap}